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twitter: erueres

skype: friends only

playing: persona 3/4, watch dogs, the sims 4

excited for: far cry 4, assassin's creed unity,persona 5

working on: commissions (always open), prizes

i have too many eruren urls hoarded does anyone want one and be my partner in crime

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Anonymous said:
Can you do blogrates? <3

sure!! send me a ᕦ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )ᕤ and ill rate your blog nvn

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six word poem by Eric Boyd.


"why do you reblog your own posts"

because im thirsty for notes what the fuck does it look like

mine B)

tumblr user avelinedegrande aka chelsea whose face i cannot imagine to be anything other than a disgruntled daisy fitzroy omg 

i really love u and your presence on my dash despite not having talked to u much its like comfortable silences idk but i would never leave u thats for sure

u cool B^)

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don’t look for me.
         {don’t look at me}

mine please

tumblr user femquisitrix

i’ve said this a billion times but I LOVE YOUR URL SO MUCH IT IS SO RAD OK. i honestly find you a wee bit intimidating bcs you seem serious most of the time :^s prolly bcs im a weenie you’re still cool B^)

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ob meme || [24/7] funny moments

evryone shut the fuc up and look at that eremike cuddling pic it is so cute im gonna burn my house down

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"I Guess I am getting older." 

─═≡Jill Valentine [Lost in Nightmares]